THREAT – Tactical Simulator





THREAT is a simulation system consisting of an instructor station connected to a server backend and a configurable mix of GCI stations, BlueAir and RedAir Piloting stations.






THREAT can set up the simulation environment with ground targets, GBAD (ground based air defense), friendly, neutral and enemy combat aircraft, support assets like ISR, tankers or transports and provide a whole battlefield simulation for your training mission.




You can set up routes for your simulated assets or let an instructor take over and steer your objects from the console. You can also have red air flying on actual simulator stations to provide maximum training.





You can send FalconView routes directly to the moving map of your students aircraft. Let them plan in FalconView, then fly their plan and evaluate tactical effectiveness.





To effectively train COMAO coordination, every student has a generic set of gauges in his simulated aircraft. These gauges are designed to be easy to comprehend to be used by anyone without prior training.







Additionally the battlefield can be displayed in a GCI picture, so that certified GCI controllers or GCI trainees can control the fight like they would in reality, using a state of the art voice communication system.





To manage a larger number of piloting stations, the software contains the possibility to remote administrate the whole simulation lab.




Every simulation object can be changed by the instructor to replicate real world systems. Manage radar ranges, weapon employment envelopes and much more.



Manage formations by setting up aircraft to fly a wingman position. The artificial intelligence will take care of the rest. Make them fly a tactical wall, fluid four, offset box or diamond formation.

MixedFormation FormationFlying

After your mission has been flown, you will need to debrief and assess your tactical outcome. The track and shot data can be stored in a database or sent over TCP or UDP connections to any other software.

If you want to integrate the simulator into existing hard- and software, you can do so. For example it is possible to integrate THREAT with the EHUD ACMI station of MLM (Diehl BGT in europe) or with the french DigiNext SOLSTICE station.

THREAT was released in 2015 and is used by NATO for highly advanced COMAO training. Experience the future of synthetic COMAO training and empower your combat pilots before they fight in the real war.