GCI Controller Demo

GCI Controller Demo



Here you can download our GCI Controller Demo. The demo consists of two parts: A client to grab information off the Prepar3d Simulator and a GCI controller application to receive and display that information.

There are prerequisites that you need to install in order to run the demo. Please first download the following, but DO NOT install anything before reading the rest of the instructions:

Additionally you can download the following optional apps:


First, CHANGE YOUR SYSTEM LANGUAGE TO US ENGLISH. If you do not do this, FalconView will not install properly and you will need to use the FalconViewManager above to uninstall the database service, as the FalconView uninstaller will stop working.

Now, complete the following steps:

  • Install FalconView
  • Restart computer
  • Start FalconView and wait for the database to initialize
  • Play around with it if you want and then shut it down
  • Install Prepar3d, start it and let it run
  • Unzip the GCI Controller module into any folder
  • Start the THREAT Client and see if it starts up; if not: install the .NET runtime
  • If THREATClient starts it should connect to Prepar3d running on the same computer
  • Start the THREAT GCI Controller app. It should display a world map and the Prepar3d aircraft
  • Optionally you can install the Tiros maps into FalconView for higher resolution maps. How to do this can be found on the FalconView website

There are obviously lots of things that can go wrong. Try playing with it to find a solution, there should be hints in the error messages. The most common problem is a bad installation of FalconView, so if FalconView does not properly work, the GCI controller app will not work either. Second most likely problem is the missing .NET runtime. Make sure you install all the versions starting from 4.0 and then updating to 4.5.1.

Keep in mind that normally the THREAT simulator is installed by our technicians due to the complexity of installing the prerequisites on different systems.

Where to go from here?

Some hints about the GCI controller app:

  • Leftclick: Draw targeting info line. Rightclick: Pan map. Mousewheel: Zoom.
  • Normally you would have the THREAT server running, which will connect to the client and the GCI controller. Because of this missing link you can set some common GCI options on the client, like transponder codes. Additionally you can use the „Override“ checkbox on the track editor form of the GCI controller app to make sure that the settings you make override the information from the client.
  • You can import areas you draw with the FalconView planning software. Polygons and circles are supported.
  • You can set the bullseye display in the options.
  • You can choose to either display tracks using real symbology or ACMI style. If you use real symbology the tracks are colored according to the declaration, otherwise according to the side they are on.
  • You can disable the map display and choose to show a blank background, which is the normal way GCI controllers will work.
  • The GCI controller app is normally tailored for the customer to simulate a specific setup. The one shown here is a generic mix with minimal features.
  • If you have the need to change the network settings, please look into the config files. All config files are human readable.
  • Because the server is missing, you will not be able to see everything that the controller would normally be seeing. The screenshot on top shows a server integrated install.